Navigating through folders in UniqOS is just as easy as Linux and uses similar commands.

To change your directory, use the follow command:

Command: cd
Syntax: cd [Target Directory]
Example: cd home

The CD command also has other uses. For example, just typing


will change your directory to the root folder.


cd ../

Will go back a directory.

Listing files

Listing files is simply achieved by using either of the following two options.

For Linux users:

You Linux fans out there can use the all too fimiliar


command to list files in the current directory.

For Windows users:

You Windows fans can use the simple


command to list files in the current directory.

Going home

All users on the UniqOS operating system have their own private home directory.

This directory (and it's contents) can only be modified by the user who owns the home directory or the root user.

Running the following command will take you directly to your home folder.


Temporary folder

A nice feature of Linux is that there is a temp folder which is "emptied" on startup. This same folder can also be found in UniqOS.

The temp folder is usually found at: 


To navigate to it from any directory do the following commands:

cd temp

If you have read this whole article, you would know that the


command on it's own will take you to the root of the device.

Then you use 

cd temp
to navigate to the temp folder.

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